Biolanyn® Skin Cream
Biolanyn® - a powerful, safe, natural skin treatment

Important Notice!

To successfully treat your skin condition, it is important that you print, read and follow ALL these 'easy' pharmacist written instructions before your first use of Biolanyn.
We fully guarantee our product, but
ONLY if the customer faithfully follows
all our easy usage instructions

Users with more than one area of their body afflicted by a skin condition are required to test the 'effectiveness' of Biolanyn on one small localized area, 3 times per day for a full 21 days, before expanding their treatment to other afflicted skin areas. We ask that you initially treat ONE area no larger than the 'equivalent' size of say one hand or foot.

Using the above method, the 'effectiveness' of Biolanyn can be determined with only one (1) jar during the 21 day guarantee period, without you running out of cream. It does not make sense to apply the cream over a large area(s) of the body. You will certainly run out of cream well before the required 21 full days have passed. In this instance, should you later 'request a refund', it will be refused because you failed to follow our usage instructions, and gave our product no chance to improve your skin condition. Once the 21 days have passed, and you have determined that Biolanyn is effective, then it is time to purchase additional jars (at discount), and expand your treatment area(s).

If your skin condition affects your face and one or more other areas, we recommend that you initially treat one of those 'other' areas for the full 21 day period. Only treat your face, after you have proven that Biolanyn is effective in improving one of those 'other' areas.

For those individuals who only have skin problems on highly visible areas of the body (such as your face), we recommend evaluating the effectiveness of Biolanyn by first applying it to a small portion of the afflicted 'visible' area for the full 21 day period. It is not wise (nor does our guarantee apply) to those individuals who apply Biolanyn to the whole face, for example, before testing on a smaller less conspicuous location for the full 21 day period. Other routines, as below.

Initially, your skin may react adversely to Biolanyn's attempt to throw off the top layers of your diseased or damaged skin. This is normal. Only discontinue use if these symptoms continue past the 21 day period. More on what initial symptoms you may experience, later on in this document.

How often should I apply Biolanyn?

We sincerely want you to get well. Our treatment protocols were developed after over 15 years of study and ongoing customer input. They work in a high percentage of cases, but only if you follow them. Biolanyn works best if it is applied 3 times daily.  As a matter of fact, our twenty-one (21) day 'improvement' is based on applying Biolanyn 3 times per day for 21 consecutive days! If you are unable, or unwilling to apply the Biolanyn 3 times daily for 21 days, then please do not ask for a refund if the cream does not 'work for you'. Due to attempted abuses of our guarantee, we will respectfully refuse to refund your purchase price, if you do not follow our prescribed application routines during the 21 day period.

Note to those who apply the cream 1 or 2 times per day:
Many people find applying the cream 3 times per day difficult with today's busy lifestyles, especially if the application of the cream cannot be done in public. Fortunately, we have discovered that Biolanyn is very effective with only one or two applications per day, although it takes considerably longer to achieve the desired results. Therefore, one or two applications per day cannot be covered under our 21 day guarantee.

From time to time, we get questions from individuals who apply the cream more than three times per day to control itching, dryness, pain or other symptoms. They ask if there are any side effects to more frequent daily applications.  There are no reported short or long term effects from using Biolanyn 'more' frequently per day.


How much should I use?

Biolanyn cream should be used sparingly. This will save the user money and also prevent waste. The cream is so well balanced nutritionally that only a small quantity is required to render great results.  If you notice the skin appears 'greasy' after rubbing in, then you are applying too much cream!

How do I apply Biolanyn?

Rub Biolanyn into the skin well, but not to the point where you irritate the skin due to abrasion. This will ensure intimate contact, which is necessary to enable the skin to "feed" on the active ingredients. Also, in addition to treating the immediate afflicted area, please apply the cream a couple of inches outside the area. This technique will help reduce the spread of your skin disease to surrounding healthy tissue.

What's going on? My skin is getting worse ... not better!

Sometimes, after Biolanyn has just been applied, and for periods up to a week or two, the customer complains that their skin is not getting any better. Indeed, it appears to be getting worse! This phenomenon is similar to the storm that is soon followed by beautiful weather. Their skin condition is firmly entrenched, and does not want to yield ground easily! Consequently, when Biolanyn is first applied, it attempts to aggressively throw off the upper layers of the diseased skin so it can start rebuilding their skin with its active ingredient cartilage. The diseased skin may resist, leading to increased swelling, scaling, redness, dryness, itching, a burning sensation, or other symptoms! For most, this is only temporary, and is not grounds for a refund. The skin will start to improve again, after a few more days, if you faithfully follow the routines in these instructions. Because many people have suffered from their skin condition for a long time, it is important to remember that repairing the skin will also take some time and perseverance!

Following our simple instructions, you should see improvement to the health and appearance of your skin in only 21 days! 
If you have faithfully followed our instructions, and your skin shows no improvement in health and appearance in only 21 days (based on a 3 times per day routine), please discontinue use and immediately request a refund.  Do not return your 'used' Biolanyn to Attogram Corp. If you do so, your refund will be refused.

Bedtime and bandaging routines 

A good time to apply the cream is before bed. Many normally hidden areas of the body are much more accessible in pajamas than in street clothes. Furthermore, the human body sets aside sleep time for healing and repair, which also includes your skin.
It is always a good idea to bandage/wrap (if practical) the affected area, after applying Biolanyn, to prevent the cream from being rubbed away from the skin by sheets and pajamas. Make certain that the bandaging materials can breathe, and are held tight to the body.
Editors note: If 'adhesive' bandages are suitable for your skin condition, there are a number of very good brands you may select from in a variety of sizes, or 'cut to exact size'.

Tip for night time treatment of your hands, feet, nails, legs and arms: Here is another technique that more and more of our customers are finding to be particularly effective in eliminating the skin disease on their feet, hands, legs and arms. Each night, they apply 'slightly' more Biolanyn to these areas, than recommended above. Then they wrap those areas with a single layer of 'saran wrap' (also called 'cling film' in other parts of the world). Finally, to keep the film in place, they secure it with a small amount of tape, and cover those areas with a cotton sock, thin cotton glove ... or a light weight cotton mitten/pullover (if they are unable to use the wrap with glove fingers).

Note: Plastic gloves and adhesive tape are NOT recommended in place of a thin layer of saran because they do not allow any air to enter the area of the damaged skin.

For the legs and arms, a tensor bandage (or tape) is used, with just enough pressure to keep the film in place. Customers note that the healing times are significantly shorter with this method of covering.

We have not heard if any of our clients have tried this method on other parts of the body, not mentioned above. Perhaps someone will write in with their results on other afflicted areas. If so we will post it here!

Reapply your Biolanyn, and change the bandage, film, gloves or socks, as required.
Note: The above bandage/wrap routines are effective under street clothes, as well. During treatment, if you find it impractical to cover your skin disorder with a covering, such as a bandage or wrap, our guarantee still applies.

Usage  Instructions