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  Psoriasis Testimonials



“I contacted you a while ago about my wife's knees. The doctor said that she had a few spots of psoriasis that indeed proved to be very embarrassing for her over time. At first it looked like dry skin on her knees. Then the doctor gave her something to put on it ... tape or cream - I am not sure. That made it look even worse over time. It coursed like an eruption.

I did some research on the internet and I found your Biolanyn. It seemed pretty safe (all natural), and I read some good stories about it. So, I decided to buy one jar for my wife.

She tried the cream for a little bit, but she was not too consistent – she would skip a few days here and there. It still seamed to work, but she quit, and the psoriasis came back although not as bad as before.

So, I told her ... "Why don’t you try again, and follow their directions and continue on for at least the 21 days they prescribe". She started doing that and after about couple of months those spots disappeared. We can still see the place where they were because the skin is a bit lighter, compared to the rest of her skin. I think it could recover completely if she continues to use the cream for a little longer.

She had those psoriasis spots for many years (7-8 years?) and they became worst after she went to the doctor and used their tape. She also used some other cream that made things erupt and worse.

Anyways, I took some 'before and after' pictures. You can see for yourself the difference Biolanyn made! I am very grateful that this cream helped.”

Thank you!




Psoriasis BEFORE using Biolanyn Skin Cream

AFTER using Biolanyn Skin Cream

"Dear Sirs,
I've never written a testimonial before, but often read them. I wondered if they were made up. Believe me - this one isn't!

I have been using a small pot of your cream on my elbows for 4 weeks (only managed to get it on twice a day) to treat a persistent psoriasis problem I've had for 40 years. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the result. It has nearly disappeared with just a little discoloration still existing. I expect this to further diminish, and am today ordering a new supply of Biolanyn. I've tried everything - light treatment as a boy, cortisone creams of every description, Skincap, smelly coal tar creams - all of which have given some relief but nothing like Biolanyn. Please can I be your distributor in the UK - I could make a lot of people's lives very much happier! People need to be more aware of this product. It really is brilliant!!"

Kind regards and with thanks

East Sussex, UK


"I ordered my first jar of Biolanyn skin cream and used it according to your explicit directions. I was very satisfied with the results. I had a psoriasis area on the inside of my right ankle that had very fragile skin that wept and would exhibit small breakthroughs of blood, and the skin would flake and come off repeatedly. I had gone to doctors and tried countless treatments, with very limited success. After using Biolanyn for just a week or so I saw a marked improvement. By the time I finished the first jar, my ankle skin was healthy and normal. It is still darker in color, but that has been true for many years. It no longer weeps or flakes or bleeds. Because of the great success against my psoriasis, I immediately ordered the four jar quantity offer and received them.

I also passed on to my doctor much of the information about your skin cream, since he was very impressed by the recovery my ankle had made in such a short period of time."


Valerie T.
Fishkill, NY

"I thought I had tried everything there is. This treatment is awesome! I noticed an improvement after 4 days, and even others have noticed the difference. I have had psoriasis for 26 years and this is the first time I ever had the skin this clear! Even prescriptions didn't work as well as your product. I should also tell you that I was in the hospital when I was 13 years old, for 2 weeks, be cause I was covered from head to toe with psoriasis. I know that I am on the road to clear skin without the help of hospitals and doctors.

Thanks loads Biolanyn!!!!!!!!!!"

Kathy F.
Loves Park, IL






Dear Attogram,


“I recently purchased a jar of your product, having spent hundreds of dollars previously on prescription preparations which, in effect, did nothing to control the psoriasis I have had to put up with on my elbows and the knuckles of one hand.  I was naturally pessimistic as to its effects of Biolanyn.


What a pleasant surprise to find that my very first application made a difference, and now, only three days later, the telltale signs of my psoriasis condition have all but disappeared.


This is a product which I would gladly recommend to my friends and will certainly do so should any of them ever require it.”


Thank you ...

Raymond K.

Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

I have severe psoriasis on my forehead and ears.  Usually it is in remission, but recently I had a terrible breakout, and was red all over.  It was hard to go to work, with everyone asking you if you were burned, or what happened to your face.  I discovered Biolanyn on the internet, while doing research.  This product cleared my redness up before the 21 days was up.  I used it 2-3 times per day, and within 14 days saw a great improvement.  It is now a month since I started using Biolanyn and my skin has started to become completely clear of the psoriasis.  It's as if I've grown new skin!  I have received many compliments and people have been asking what I've used.  It's amazing that such a safe, natural cream could give me these results.  I am very impressed.  I recommend Biolanyn to anyone that suffers from a skin disease.”


Kathy,  Westmont, IL