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Eczema Testimonials



"Dear Biolanyn,

This winter I had eczema for the first time. It started as a small patch on my right shin and continued to spread all over my shin. It would itch so bad that my husband was convinced I was going to scratch the skin off my leg! After a trip to the dermatologist and the ointment he prescribed, I still had no relief. In fact, it seemed to spread as I applied the ointment. I was also informed that there was no cure and I could only control the itching.

After searching 'eczema' on the Internet, I found your cream. I began applying it over the affected area immediately. I would also spread the cream on at night time just before bed, wrap a layer of saran wrap around it, and then pull on a sock to hold it in place. Within three days I began to notice a difference. I would apply the cream three times a day as directed. I could have an advantage because I do work out of my house and can roll my pants leg up so the cream stays on. I have been using the cream for 10 days now and my eczema is basically gone! The "cracks" on my fingers are closed up and the best thing is... I no longer itch!

At times, my skin would be so itchy that after applying the Biolanyn I would then put some Tea Tree oil over top of the cream. This seemed to assist with the itching.

I want to thank your company for providing a cream that is effective and does exactly what it proclaims to do! I will definitely tell anyone I know with skin problems about your cream."


Mary Ann

"I just wanted to tell everyone - Biolanyn is miracle cream!

I have had the most severe form of eczema on the bottom of my foot and palm of my hand for years! I have been to so many specialists, and no one could give me anything that would work for relief. The open sores made it unbearable for me to even walk! I tried topical ointments, steroids, and whatever else was on the market - nothing worked. So I started researching on the internet and found the Biolanyn website. I figured that since I paid hundreds of dollars for stuff that wasn't even working, why not try this for $30! It certainly couldn't hurt.

Needless to say, it worked within 2 days! I still have the eczema, but it's 85% better than it's been for years! I've only been using it for a week and I plan to continue to use it. I have no more open sores! It's been a miracle cream for me and I highly recommend it to anyone who has had a hard time finding relief.

Thanks Biolanyn!!!!"


I’m a 40 year old female who has not until recently ever suffered with any kind of skin condition. However, following diagnosis of renal failure, I had to start dialysis treatment. For the first year, my skin was as normal, but for about the last 10 months I started suffering with eczema on my hands, arms, neck and back. It has been a very great problem to me, and I have been going out of the house covered in gloves, scarves and high necked jumpers because of the sheer embarrassment. The doctors at my hospital have examined me and come up with no solutions except steroid creams, all of which have made little difference to my condition.

In an attempt to find out more myself I came across your website and thought I'd try your Biolanyn skin cream. I am very pleased with the result. I have finished my first jar of cream (almost) and have ordered my second jar. At first, nothing much appears to be happening, but if you persevere, results are imminent!! After about 5 weeks my skin looks remarkably better. I still have very marked skin, but I am hoping that after a good hot summer, a bit of “tanning” will cover up the discoloring. All of my family have noticed a difference and although it is not perfect, the result is a great improvement on a few months ago. I thought I'd tell you this, and mention I will be continuing with the Biolanyn indefinitely."

Yours sincerely,


“Dear Attogram,
Firstly I wanted to say I was very surprised that the cream arrived after only 5 days of ordering it, as it was being sent from Canada to England.

I ordered the cream for my 3 year old daughter, who had beautiful skin until the age of 2 and a half. Her face started to flare up, and looked very red and dry. The doctors told me that it was eczema, which I feel was perhaps triggered by a very cold winter.

I tried lots of different creams, both prescribed by the doctor, and also products I had bought of the shelf. Nothing worked. In fact they made her face worse as soon as the cream was applied.

It really upset me that the eczema afflicted her face, where everyone could see it. In desperation, I searched through the web one day and saw your cream 'Biolanyn' advertised. I didn't hold much hope as I had tried seemingly hundreds of creams, and none of them had been effective against her eczema.

However, when I first applied the Biolanyn, her face didn't flare up like it normally did, so straight away I felt positive. Your Biolanyn cream is absolutely brilliant! It cleared her face up much sooner than the 21 days. But, I used it for the whole period because your instructions said I should only evaluate its effectiveness after the 21 days had expired.

You can use this email on your testimonial site if you wish.”

Thanks very much,



"I can't say enough for this product. For the last three years my hands have been cracking and scaling from eczema. The pain was if I had a million paper cuts on all of my digits and on the palms of my hands. I do have a good dermatologist, and he has tried his best, but we just couldn't figure out what was going on with my hands. Allergy tests, steroid shots, steroid creams, tests for RA and days missed from work. One day while looking on the computer, I found Biolanyn and thought I might as well try it. They have a money back guarantee, and I spent a lot more on medications than what that first jar cost. So now here's the real story. I'm amazed! In two weeks my hands and fingers are almost clear. It's true what they say about their product!!!!"